We will design, code and deploy custom landing pages for your website.


What is a landing page?

In layman's terms: any page that was specially designed to stand out from other pages on your website is considered to be a landing page.


What is an example of how a landing page is used?

Pretend, for a moment, you have a t-shirt selling business. And you want to run a promotion. When someone clicks your ad, they need to go to a page on your website. But if you're only offering a promotion for a specific shirt, you don't want to land them on your home page because it's less focused - increasing the changes they will get distracted and gradually step further and further away from submitting a purchase.

The solution to this is to create a "landing page" that was specially designed for that type of visitor. Showing them only what is believed to be relevant. You can still have a normal navigation, so they can explore your other products and services, but it's designed to limit the number of steps they take before they make a purchase.


What is included in this service?

This service is made up of two of our other services:


Landing page design includes:

  • Wireframes for Review
  • Final Design Accompanied with A/B Testing Recommendations
  • Final Design PSD Provided


Landing page code & deploy service includes:

  • Converting the Landing Page Designs to Code
  • Multiple Deployment Options

Technical Note: We require SFTP or version control access to your website in order to publish our work.


Bulk Pricing Discount

If you are interested in building more than one landing page we are happy to extend a discount for subsequent pages.

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