We offer multiple hosting solutions and cater them to your needs.

If you are an existing customer whose website we've built, or are building, we offer hosting services starting at $11 per month. This price scales as the volume of traffic to your website increases, your needs for storage space increase, server and general up time monitoring become critical.


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What is included in this service?


What's not included in this service?

Migrating existing websites is not included in this service. If you need this please review that server here »


Technical Details

In case your seeking technical details feel free to request a consultation or review the information below:

  • We partner with Digital Ocean, Amazon, Rackspace and Media Temple to offer you completely customized industry standard security, stability and availability hosting resources.
  • For clients who employ us for standard website development and host with us, we are using Roots.io's Trellis process to deploy and manage the servers.
  • For clients whose resource needs are still basic, but maximized up-time and real-time monitoring is critical we refer to Rackspace and Media Temple who provide 24/7/365 expert support teams.
  • For clients whose resource needs are beyond the basic, we'll provide a customized strategy upon request.

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