If you have an existing website that needs migrated from one location to another, such as one web host to a another, we can assist you with this transition.


What's included in this service?

  • Acquiring all of the credentials for your existing web server and new web server.
  • Acquiring the credentials to log into your websites administrative interface.
  • Acquiring the credentials to login to your existing database server.
  • Testing the credentials to ensure they all work.
  • Briefly auditing the server for basic security precautions.
  • Backing up your existing website files and database.
  • Creating the database on the new server.
  • Copying the website files to the new server.
  • Updating the database file to look for the new website server path.
  • Testing up to 10 key pages, including a checkout process, on your website if applicable.
  • Coordinating with you by phone or email to review the newly published websites.


What's not included in this server?

  • You are responsible for cancelling your former website host account and respective server. If you need assistance with this, you may employ us by the hour.


Terms & Conditions

Ultimately, this service is based on the time we estimate it should take on average. If we require more time to complete your service due to issues not explicitly identified here we will provide you, in writing, an explanation of the issue and permission to bill you for the additional time required, as well as an accompanying time estimate before proceeding.

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