We've outlined three phases to resolve your website's performance issues so you can make a plan.

Unfortunately, diagnosing the exact cause of website speed issues is one of the most complex and elusive topics in website development. But we understand that you can't write a blank check either. So we've outlined three phases that you can count on to budget and plan around until the exact cause, solutions, and total cost is confirmed.

This service requires a recurring monthly service plan.


How is this service executed?

  1. Exploration for Context - The first stage is about 2-4 hours of time where we login to your website, run some diagnostics, familiarize ourselves with your hosting environment and code, and attempt to identify anything definitive.
  2. Experimentation - During this phase, typically between 5-10 hours, we attempt to resolve issues we saw during the first phase. About 6 out of 10 times we are able to resolve all issues during this phase. In other cases we end up pinpointing the exact causes and can usually provide an accurate scope we're willing to give a fixed bid on.
  3. Guarantee - In the third phase, as mentioned above, we're certain what the cause(s) is/are and put this in writing for you. We'll give either our best estimate on the time involved, your options, and if possible, a fixed bid. Of course, we guarantee you will see improvement, but in order to to guarantee permanent improvement that meets or exceeds Google's and modern web standards we may have to further investigate.


What's included in this service?

This service includes the Exploration for Context phase. The recurring service must be purchased separately.


What do you need from me?

We need all relevant details. Typically this includes:

  • The name and website link to your current website management company and/or host (often times these are the same company).
  • The username and password to manage your website hosting account (provided to you by the company mentioned above).
  • The username and password to your web server over SSH or SFTP (provided by your management company or host).
  • The username and password to your content management system administration area (Ex. WordPress).
  • As much detail about the issues your experiences, pages you experience them on, ways you've tested, etc...

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