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We are a full-service digital marketing agency that is known for developing and executing comprehensive digital marketing strategies and providing advanced website development services including search engine optimization services.


Our History

The Portland Company was started by Spencer Hill, under a different name, in early 2005. By 2007 we contracted our first graphic designer began shifting from strictly a website development company to a full service internet marketing agency.

By 2009 we had design and programming staff that developed fully-featured WordPress websites and were developing our process for search engine optimization (SEO) services and other search marketing and social media marketing services. By 2011 we had multiple success stories of our clients not only ranking in the top three positions of Google’s first-page results, but increased sales and maximized conversion rates for customers.

Throughout this time we hired more staff to service our clients’ needs and officially introduced web application development as a service – typically complimentary to Website Development.

Today, we are a full service digital marketing agency offering strategy-first services as an email marketing company, conversion rate optimization services, 


Why the coyote in the logo and photo?

Photo Credit: Dennis Davenport Photography

Coyotes, native wildlife to Portland and the greater Pacific Northwest, are experts in survival and growth. They’re also opportunistic and have an incredible ability to scout the landscape and find what they need to grow and protect their pack.

We found this beautiful animal to be a symbol, not only of Portland, but of what it takes to survive and grow in business.

After 18 years, we know what it takes. Not simply to survive something like Google’s algorithm updates or economic downturn. We know the internet marketing landscape so well we can navigate it under moon light and still manage to find you safe passage for your business to reach it’s marketing and revenue goals.

From Our Blog

We write about technology and marketing in an educational way, and occassionally share press releases and case studies.