Development Plans are similar to our Preliminary Marketing Strategies but they are focused on predicting and defining the scope of work when creating robust websites and web applications.


What is included in this service?

1. A professional wireframes for every foreseeable aspect of the website.

professional wireframe is one that:

  1. Is audited and influenced by a qualified and experienced User Experience (UX) developer to ensure that necessary, common and trending features and functionality are accounted for.
  2. Is audited and influenced by a professional User Interface (UI) digital designer to ensure that the look and feel meets modern standards and is consistent with popular trends.
  3. Is audited and influenced by a professional marketing strategist to ensure that the overall experience will funnel visitors to activities that, ultimately, increase profit.



2. A web-diagram that shows the user-flow.

If a visitor to your website navigates from the front page to login, then submitting an inquiry, than to the about page, then off of the website this would be an example of a user-flow. That is to say, the path they take when navigating through your website.

It's critical to create a visual diagram of this flow along with the wireframing process, before the design process and definitely before the development process to ensure we have accurately defined and predicted the scope. This is reviewed and audited by our team and you and yours.


3. A list of all features and functionality of the application.

It will include a description of each component, estimates of the time involved to produce them, and allude to the scope and / or phases as well as technical information - primarily so our development team has a proposed approach.

Technical information would look like "Let's use ABC Companies code-library that already provides X functionality so we don't have to write that from scratch. Thus saving time, money and shortening our time to launch."

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