If you have a WordPress website that has a need for a content delivery network (CDN), for speed or storage space purposes, then we can implement this service for you.

What's Included

  1. Installing the Amazon Web Services Plugin.
  2. Installing the Amazon S3 and Cloudfront Plugin.
  3. Create an Amazon Web Services Account or add a Bucket to our existing account.
  4. Configure the AWS and AS3C Plugins for your Amazon account.
  5. Review key pages, then delete media off of your existing server.


Important Notes

WordPress and the aforementioned Plugins work together seamlessly. But due to the varying nature of websites and their respective Themes and Plugins there is always a possibility that there may be conflicts. In such cases as we identify the Plugin doesn't work properly we'll notify you promptly and propose a solution with a respective time estimate. If you agree then you will need to purchase additional Premium Support, otherwise we can pause our work by disabling or uninstalling the Plugin. We cannot issue refunds under such circumstances but make a reasonable effort to diagnose these things before we begin development.

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