What is Remarketing and Retargeting and how do we use it to make you money?

Ad's that are re-marketed follow people who have visited your website, or seen your ads as they visit other sites on the internet. When a site has an advertising space connected to Google's network, then your ad will be show again to them.


What is the benefit of re-marketing and re-targeting?

There are many. Most agency say that it's the opportunity to advertise again to someone who was interested in your services. But we believe the primary benefit is the data we gain about your audience's behavior.

For example; when you run an ad, and someone clicks that and visits your website, but they take no actions (call, submit a form, etc...) and then leave... you have learned almost nothing about them. The longer you advertise the larger this group grows. The problem is that you still can't decipher why they didn't purchase. Did they dislike your website? Were you too expensive? Was it the wrong season? Etc...

But remarketing, and giving that audience another chance to click on your ads, we'll be able to see how long before that audience decides to purchase, if at all. We can also see how many times they come back to your site. And track their behavior when they return. This type of data allows professional marketers to revise your regular advertising to be more effective overall.


What is included in this package?

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