If you are advertising with Google and would like your ads to appear in search results when someone is searching on Google Maps (whether in a browser or on the official Google Maps app on a mobile device) then you're looking for Google AdWords' Local Search Extension.



The following are services you must be employing us for in order to add on this service:


What does it look like?

You may click the images below to see an enlarged version.

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What's Included in this Service:

  • You do not have to increase your AdSpend.
  • Connecting - We will create and configure the Ad Extension with your existing Ads.
  • Reporting - We will include a section in the weekly informal reports, and the monthly formal reports that digests the results you are seeing.


How is this different than the standard Google AdWords Management?

Our Google AdWords Management base package is specifically for the Search Network (google.com and the search results you see there specifically). Google Maps / Google Places is a separate service that Google offers, although the two are intertwined. This service extends your ads into the Maps / Places network. Additionally, reports need to explain what volume of traffic came from these places and how the behavior differed in order to guide you in making decisions on subsequent months budget and strategy.


What happens if I add more locations for my business or want to expand our territory?

The costs associated with increasing the locations you advertise to, or representing additional locations is managed under your base Google AdWords Management. We may charge an additional one time fee for adding additional locations if you choose to add them after this initial service or have a high volume of locations to add initially. If this is your case you may contact us to speak specifically.


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