A comprehensive audit, analysis and strategy of your online presence.

This will give you direction and clarify your opportunities on the internet.

Note: They include everything found in the SEO / Website Audits and more.


12-Point Audit of Website Speed

We'll include a Google Page Speed report, which tells you your site's speed score and what may need to change to improve your score, and advise you on how to go about doing that.


6-Point Audit of Website Design

We'll cover 15 aspects of your website's design that may be affecting your conversion rate. We'll cover things like the responsiveness of your website, credibility builders and authority indicators, and the general aesthetics.


24-Point Audit of Website Content

We'll audit your website's content evaluating it's structure, format and relevance to help you understand how it may be affecting your traffic, conversion rate and audience nurturing.

We go into great detail about all aspects of your website ranking from the quality and relevance of your content, checking to make sure everything is functional, and evaluate how you're utilizing your audience in the area of advertising opportunities and more.


11-Point Audit of Engagement & Conversion

This is a general review of the website in which we take note of things that we believe the website may be doing, or not doing, which affect the conversion rate (the rate at which visitors become customers).

We'll cover things like evaluating the effectiveness of your calls to action, propose potential engagement opportunities, and smaller optimizations that have subtle impacts on engagement and conversion.


Business & Industry Context

We'll summarize your business, it's demographic, your competitors in the industry and our perspective and understanding of marketing practices to give you an idea of how you stack up.


7-Point Utility Analysis

We'll ensure your website has all of the necessary tools for a marketing person to record and monitor the traffic to your website so we can deliver monthly reports on it's activity.


4-Point Audit of Keyword Density, Traffic & Rankings

We'll generate, analyze and provide a thorough list of information about your keyword density, rankings and traffic volume for those phrases, related opportunities and more.

In the Preliminary Marketing Strategy we include competitor analysis as well.


10-Point Audit of Social & Review Sites

We'll audit your social accounts and identify aspects to optimize. This includes identifying fraudulent followers/subscribers to these accounts so you have a realistic pulse on what you're audience looks like.


Propose A/B Tests

After reviewing all of the aforementioned details we'll propose some A/B testing models for various aspects of your website.


8-Point Advertising & Marketplace Partners

We'll use the information above to aid us in providing an intelligent strategy for things like guest blogging and marketplace advertising / directory opportunities.



Anything that we discover along the way, which doesn't fit into the items above, will be covered in a general section in the audits.

If you opt for the Preliminary Marketing Strategy you'll find that all of the points above will be followed up with a formal strategy so you can take this document and move forward with your marketing efforts immediately.

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