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97% of the clients we consult with have no idea that their tracking is partial or skewed.

This results in building strategies and making decisions off of false information.

Wasting your budget and resulting in under performing campaigns. Leaving Executives disappointed and operations staff getting stripped of budgets to do what they know can work.


In this article I'll share with you what 20 years of digital marketing has proven to us about the first and most important thing you can do for your email marketing campaign.


What is an example of partial data?

We recently had a client with a database of 100,000 email contacts - which is rather large for a medium size business. Supposedly, they gained from many years of double opt-in signups or purchases. Yet, when we audited their list we found that only 8,000 could be verified by third-party data as purchasers. The client was shocked. Their staff scrambled to re-verify and realized they couldn't.

This means that when the email campaign runs there is a chance that 92,000 of them are low quality and could greatly damage their sending reputation.

This could have been avoided with some basic precautionary steps at the time these people signed up. But their staff weren't marketing professionals and didn't know how to implement these techniques into their assets.

Can you see how this could be avoided and 10x your return on investment in email marketing?


What is an example of skewed data?

In other cases, we'll see a client who has form submissions as a Conversion. The problem is that most people don't know that you should only track the successful submission through complex code that verifies it was actually submitted. Instead, they'll just track visits of clicking submit, or visiting a thank you page after the form is submitted.

You might be thinking "Why would that be bad?" Because bots can hit submit and visit the thank you page without submitting the form! So you may see 100 Conversions but only actually receive 1 submission.

In the 20 years we've been an agency literally every client that has come to us has it setup incorrectly or not at all.

Can you see how skewed data is affecting your business?


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