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We are seeking an ambitious sales person, located in Bend, to further grow our company.

Candidate must be local to Bend.

Company Overview

We are a full service digital marketing agency, 20 years of business, that provides aggressive growth for our clients brands with cutting edge strategies, great content, comprehensive SEO, advertising and advanced web dev.

We are interviewing candidates in Bend, Oregon for a 1099 contractor full-time sales position which includes the potential for permanent employment and enhanced pay after the first quarterly performance review.

There are lateral growth opportunities within our company as well, and we regularly mold positions around our staff rather than simply replacing staff that don't fit perfectly into a pre-defined position.


Pay Structure

We believe success deserves pre-emptive rewards in the form of increased pay and enhanced commission structures during performance evaluations.

$18.75 Per Hour (roughly $3,000 a month) + Commissions

Commission Structure

  • 10% of Revenue for Non-Recurring Projects
  • 5% of Revenue on Recurring Projects for the first 3 months.


Job Description

The sales representative will be responsible for generating new business opportunities and closing sales. The successful candidate will work closely with our team to identify potential clients, develop proposals, and close deals.

We have extensive sales resources including assets like website landing pages, direct mail flyers, email marketing resources, well-defined pricing and packages, optional custom estimate templates for quick turnaround on proposals. We also have extensive sales strategies you can capitalize on as necessary. All of these will be made available to the sales contractor.

Our existing sales team will provide training and demonstrate the current sales process we use.

The sales contractor will be provided reasonable, clear and specific key performance indicators alongside all appropriate sales assets to assist them in soliciting our brand to potential client brands.

As a 1099 contractor you are entitled to certain benefits such as choosing your own hours to work, and where you would like to work.



  • Generate new leads from our massive niche-specific leads database.
  • Turn those leads into sales using our pre-defined packages or customized services.
  • Thoroughly document details about potential client and existing clients interactions in our CRM.
  • Utilize call recording software so we can partner with you to enhance your sales efforts.
  • Track your time using our provided software.
  • Occassional face to face team meetings to help you maximize sales.
  • Daily teleconferences to answer your questions, provide training, support and anything else you need to succeed.

The sales contractor will be trained on writing proposals but not required to do so as our existing staff can do it for you.


What is a 1099 Contractor?

Please refer to the State of Oregon official website for details.


How do I apply?

Submit your resume via email to [email protected] - or find a more creative way to convince us you're a talented sales person who will succeed in selling boutique digital marketing services B2B.

If we feel you're a qualified candidate we'll reach out to schedule an interview.

Happy hunting.