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[Browsersync] Couldn't open browser (if you are using BrowserSync in a headless environment, you might want to set the open option to false)

I have built several sites with Roots stack now and suddenly, BrowserSync is no longer working on one of them.

However, BrowserySync is working on all the others. So this suggests to me that there is a configuration I have changed in this particular site. However, I don't believe I changed any configuration files - if for no other reason than I wouldn't know which one to modify to impact BrowserSync in any way. So I've rechecked the trellis/group_vars files, and trellis/hosts and not found anything unusual. So I tried destroying the VirtualBox with vagrant destroyto see if that reset anything, but I ended up with the same result.

So I'm back to looking for a specific configuration file for BrowserSync that contains the "open" argument in it as specified in the error. I previously modified this before I wrote this article and it didn't change anything. So I am circling back to that now.

In the end, I found that editing myTheme/node_modules/browser-sync/lib/default-config.js and changing the "open" value to "false" (but without quotes) silenced the error. However it does not open the browser now when I begin gulp watch like it used to. Not a big deal though. But still a problem I want to fix.

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