This document outlines some of the quirks I've noticed when doing campaign management for PPC customers.
  • AdWords reports a different click volume than Analytics does. This is because Analytics shows the Sessions instead of "clicks", but beside that it shows the "Users" which represents individual people opposed to the times they've visited the site. The "Users" matches the Clicks from AdWords.
  • While I can create Custom Reports for each Account I can't share those between accounts.
  • While I can create Custom Reports for each Account the date I set in the upper right changes across all of the different accounts I view. Google support staff confirmed that this functionality is not possible but said, emphatically, that they would submit it as a feature request and notify me via email as soon as it was implemented.
  • In order to track form submissions, outbound clicks, scroll-to-locations, etc... I have to manually add Tracking Code for every one of those things. Stupid! So I found this Plugin.