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Gordon Cowie Films a Music Video Production Company in Scottsdale Arizona Gordon Cowie, an Arizona based music video producer, was recently referred to us for a new website and some search engine optimization by our existing clients Urbane Wedding Company and EVO Ultrafit. I thought I'd give him a plug because he's doing some particularly cool stuff. Gordon and his team have historically focused on commercial video production for their corporate clients. But, as of late, he's redirected their energy to full blown music video production. And they've hit the ground hard competing with dozens of other local, and national, music video production companies. Although Gordon and his team have began to shift their focus to music video production services, they're not leaving their corporate clients behind. Checkout their work for Larry Fitzgerald; wide receiver for the Arizona Cardinals and the EVO Ultrafit client Karlos Dansby. Those projects are a shining example of the quality of work they offer. But if you're a starving musician, or rapidly successful one, you should really checkout their latest music video productions such as Reggie Savage's Music Video for his song "New Daddy", or the promotional music video for The Rej3cts. My personal favorite is their project for Urbane Wedding Company, a Scottsdale, Arizona, based videography and photography company. I love the color choices and, knowing the owner personally, I think it's such a great representation of their company and such a compliment to their website. All I have to say is that The Portland Company will definitely be hiring Gordon for our own video work in the future, and we think you should too!