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Websites: The New "Brick-and-Mortar" for Modern Business

As the economy evolves; marketing evolves with it. Custom built websites have become the staple of every business these days. Whether you use your website as an informational tool, or as a way to run your company completely online with eCommerce functionality; developing traffic is the key to seeing any kind of return from your website.

Portland Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Companies

I hear the question all the time: "Why doesn't my website show up on the first page when people search for _you fill in the blank_?" . Well, there is never just one reason why. There is a combination of reasons why! Beginning with an SEO Audit for your website is the first step. In our audits, we cover everything from your website's content, social presence, general website diagnostics, and even identifying code-level issues! After completing the SEO audit, we provide you with a digital, multi-page report including all of the information we gathered. Accompanied by human-friendly explanations of course! Included in our audit's are also our recommendations and the results we expect from those modifications. We'll help you decide what the best key phrases are for increasing your return on investment.

The Portland SEO Company Packages

Once we have completed the audit, we'll help you choose a package that is adjustable month-to-month. To stand out as one of the top Portland SEO companies, we have provided an affordable SEO package starting at $199 a month and we GUARANTEE results, or you get your money back!

That's nice. But I've been burned by SEO companies before...

We understand that our industry is similar to that of mechanics... SEO companies tell you everything that is wrong with your website, they explain it in The Tribal Tongue of Ewoks, then expect you to take their word for it and fork out some money! Unfortunately, some SEO companies do take advantage of their customers. So it's our 30 Day SEO Warranty and Guarantee and our commitment to transparency throughout the process that earns our clients trust. For an example, just look at the details we've provided on our search engine optimization services page! Our goal is to establish ourselves as the top Portland SEO company!   "If it was easy, everyone would do it. It isn't. They don't!"   Thank you for your time! ~ Taylor Hill Business Manager at The Portland Company