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Mobile website designs are increasing in value. Because there is so little visual "real estate" on a mobile device, design teams are forced to focus on what's most important about a website. As a result, mobile visitors find themselves accessing it more often then the desktop versions and businesses see increased sales in the emphasized areas as a result. These mobile sites were a bit of a joke before the days of Apple's iOS and Google's Android because most devices simply didn't support a true web browsing experience. And when manufacturers introduced a new device they often modified their software making it nearly impossible to be profitable from a mobile site due to the need to update websites to work on those devices. As of late, we've created a mobile site for our client Creekside Bible Church in the Wilsonville, Oregon area. Pastor, Chad Harms, worked with us closely throughout the whole process identifying better ways to serve his community with his fellow Christians by analyzing the site from a marketing and usability standpoint. Today his friends and family in the community that gather each Sunday use the mobile site to review his notes during teachings, find areas to serve and connect with each other and the surrounding area, and even listen to and watch pod and vodcasts. We're excited to be offering this service to our clients now for $799, fifty percent at the projects birth and they remainder upon completion. If this is something you're interested in you can order online or contact us via the "Contact Us" link on our website.