Everything you need to know about your website visitors via thorough tracking and a weekly report.


What's included in this service?

If you're unfamiliar with any of these, please give us a call or refer to our FAQ after this section.

  1. Account Creation
    • Create a Google Tag Manager Account
    • Create a Google Analytics Account
    • Create a Google Search Console Account
    • Create a Google Ads Account
    • Create a Facebook Business Manager Account
    • Create a Facebook Pixel
    • Create a Call, Text and Form Tracking Account
  2. Account Configuration
    • Google Tag Manager
      • Create a Tag for:
        • Google Analytics
        • Google Ads Conversion Linker
        • Facebook Pixel
        • Call, Text, & Form Tracking
        • eCommerce Tracking
        • Event Tracking
    • Google Search Console
      • Submit Sitemap - Used by Google to know which pages you have on your website and any issues that may exist with them.
    • Google Analytics
      • Google Search Console Data Sharing
      • Setup Goal Tracking - A way to see how many visitors reached certain Goals we help you define. Such as a purchase or request for quote.
    • Call, Text, and Form Tracking
      • We connect it to your website and other assets such as Google Maps listing, social accounts and more.
    • Creation of Re-Marketing / Re-Targeting Lists
  3. Reporting
    • Setup Dashboards - A place to see all of the information about your website visitors. Visits, Events, Goals, etc...
    • Schedule Weekly Reports from Dashboards
    • Weekly or Twice Monthly Consultation


What's not included in this service?

The cost of the call tracking service is charged by a third party, typically around $35 a month.



What is Google Tag Manager?

A tool that Google provides to marketers to make the setup and management of tracking and reporting tools simpler to integrate.


What is Google Analytics?

A platform that Google provides to track website visitors and their behavior to help you generate more ROI online.


What is Facebook Business Manager?

Facebook's equivelant to Google Analytics, but a place to manage all of your Facebook assets such as Page, Pixel and more.


What is Facebook Pixel?

A tool Facebook provides to allow us to track website visitors and glean different information than you can see with just Google Analytics.


What is Google Search Console?

A diagnostic tool Google provides to keep you informed of problems with your website that affect your organic search engine results.


Why do I want the Google Ads integration even if I'm not actively advertising?

We cannot recover historical data if we don't set it up in advance.

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