What this service includes:

  • 5-Minute Weekly Report - Every week you have the option to receive an automated report from Google Analytics based on a format we setup that is customized for you. The report is brief and to the point intended to give you a quick overview of key data points as you go into your week.
  • Executive Monthly Report - Every month we'll provide a detailed report, in a digestible format, to help you understand how your business is performing in organic search results across the internet so you can make informed decisions about your marketing.
    • Learn the exact search queries people used to find you organically.
    • Learn demographical information about these visitors such as location.
    • Learn behavioral patterns such as what pages they started on, how long they were on a page, and more.
    • Learn how many visitors are completing your goals (purchasing, calling, emailing, forms, etc...)
    • And more.
  • Actionable Steps - From the data we receive and analyze we'll be able to recommend actionable steps to improve your rankings, optimize your website and ultimately maximize your conversion rate and ROI from marketing over time.
    • Ex. sometimes your listings appear with less features than your competitors (such as phone number, location, reviews, etc...) and that's okay. But other times it's affecting your performance against your competitors. When we see your listings for the search terms you're actually appearing for we'll inform you and make the enhancements.
    • Ex. sometimes your website is appearing for the right term, but it's not the best page to be sending visitors too. We can coordinate with Google and get the right landing page matched up with the right search queries.



Existing Clients

If you're an existing client who employs us for recurring digital marketing services already, then you'll receive this service at a discounted bundle rate.

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