What does email marketing entail?

Email Marketing is a long-term method of marketing that should drive traffic to your website perpetually. It’s purpose is to re-engage people who have done so in the past. And it should offer value to subscribers through it’s content, timing and offerings.


What is the process of email marketing?

  1. Identify Your Audiences
  2. Ideate and Create Content
  3. Hypothesize Triggers, Paths & Segments
  4. Build (Schedule) & Deliver
  5. Study the Data
  6. Repeat & Improve Based on Data


What is an example of an email marketing Campaign?

We’ll share an example in a moment, but first you should understand that the structure of an email campaign depends on your where in The Sales Funnel your Audience is.

Let’s assume your first Audience is in the Intent stage. This means they know who your company is, they are educated about your services, and they have indicated they’re ready to purchase but are waiting for a final piece of information before they purchase. An email campaign to that type of audience may want to know about a Sale, or a Testimonial from a public figure such as an athlete or celebrity. Dripping an email with a subject like “How Will Smith Benefitted from Our Product” may catch their attention enough to open the email. Then you could share a video of his experience on your website. Below that have an invitation to purchase.

This is just one example. The possibilities are endless and it’s our job to narrow it down and execute.


What is included?

  • Monthly Meeting to Report & Review
  • Designs for each Campaign - including individual graphics.
  • 7 Emails for 7 Steps Per Campaign
  • 1 Content Strategy for each Campaign
  • Email Build
  • This is the process of inputting the content into the email template, implementing it into a Campaign, and formatting it visually.
  • Selecting & Setting Up Email Campaign Provider System
  • Integration with Your Compatible CRM of Choice
  • We can give recommendations on CRM’s and do basic setup within scope*.
  • Monitoring Deliverability & Analytics
  • Ad-Hoc Optimizations
  • Email Address Verification**
  • Ensuring there are links to your social media profiles.
  • Ensuring calls to action to your social media accounts if you have a content strategy and content marketing for them.
  • Setting Up Reply-To Email Address
  • Verifying Domain
  • Event & Conversion Tracking
  • And more...
  • * Conditions Apply
  • ** Please see our Email Verification Page within this document for details.


What is the process?

We offer an in-house email marketing platform and service, and also work with third party tools.

We understand that some businesses have internal marketing teams that know their product well and want to drive the messaging while others do

not. We are prepared for both and optimize your email marketing for results either way.


Step 1 Onboarding Call


Step 2 Audience Identification

We will coordinate with your team, and audit your available analytics to define who your Audience can be today and should become in the future.


Step 3 Trigger & Behavior Flow Development

Again, we will coordinate with your team and review available analytics to identify what appear to be the Triggers that shift your audience through The Sales Funnel to mirror them in the

delivering schedule of your email campaign.


Step 4 Content Ideation, Outlining & Creation

Once your audience and their expected behavior flows have been defined we can begin to imagine what kind of content they may be interested in. Brainstorming with our professional ideation team and the expertise yours brings about your business and it’s industry we’ll create.

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