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What is included in this service?

  • A system that allows you to create and send newsletters from your website.
  • Mail delivery server, provided by, which ensures that you'll have the highest deliverability rate (rate at which emails are actually delivered instead of marked as spam).
  • Numerous templates to choose from for the style of your newsletter.
  • Ability to view, mange, add and export your subscribers.
  • A monthly report that shows you:
    • Standard Package
      • How many people received the newsletter vs those who were reported as returned mail.
      • How many people opened the newsletter.
      • What links in the newsletter were clicked.
    • Premium Package - If you subscribe to the premium package you will also receive:
      • Analytics about how long they were on the pages.
      • Cities and countries the subscribers are from.
      • The average time they spent on the website.
      • The average time they spent on the page they landed on.
      • The pages they visited during their session.
      • Action Call - Each month we'll have a call to discuss the actions you can take from this data.


What is not included in this service?

The following are things that are related to, but not included, in this service.

We do, however, offer them. They just needed to be purchased separately.


This service is designed for WordPress websites. If your website is not built with WordPress please contact us for a quote.

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