We'll design, code and deploy custom landing pages for your website.

After a user-flow diagram has been created and approved, we'll move onto creating wireframes for every step in the user-flow diagram.

We will mark some pages as "Generic" so that when the digital designer staff begin creating designs from these wireframes they don't waste time with pages where such effort is typically overkill. For example: a "Lost Password" page would be included in the user-flow, and may have a wireframe, but it wouldn't require a custom design. But maybe your "Registration" page would benefit from a custom design because it's apart of the Sales Funnel.


What is included in this service?

  • General Consultation & Review Time
  • Digital Copies of Wireframes for Each Page in User-Flow Diagram Review


Note: The price of this service is for one wireframe. Typically there are 6-12 wireframes required.

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