If you have an ecommerce website, Amazon business, Etsy Shop, Instagram store or beyond, our professional Product Photography service is essential for your business.

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Pricing is per product. Bulk discounts are available but please contact us directly for a quote.

  • 3 photos of 1 product include.
  • Includes dust removal, glare touch up, smudge touch up, etc...
  • Includes the editable Photoshop, Lightroom and RAW files upon request.
  • Images up to 42 megapixels.
  • Pixel size 4.51µm
  • Rich and accurate blacks, broad color spectrum.
  • Full frame images.
Single Product $60 one product
2-4 products $54 per product
5-9 products $48 per product
10-19 products $42 per product
20-49 products $36 per product
50-99 products $30 per product
100+ products $24 per product


What are the different types of product photography?

From a production standpoint there are three types:

  • Standard Product Photography - Typically against black or white backdrops, typically used as Amazon product photography or website product photography.
  • Mini Lifestyle Product Photography - As depicted above, but these have textured backdrops or settings to give viewers an understanding of how it's used, often with some creative license.
  • Lifestyle Product Photography - Similar to mini lifestyle photos but usually includes models and a larger setting for the photo.

This service is for Standard.


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