What's included in this service?

  • Creating the AdWords Account
  • Link AdWords to Google Merchant Center
  • Implement Google Tag Manager (if not already done)
  • Implement Google Analytics (if not already done)
  • Test checkout process on your website (if applicable).
  • Providing an Google Spreadsheet template for you to populate with your products.
    • Coordinating with you to correctly and completely populate this with your products in the most efficient way possible.
      • You must have an SKU / ID, Image, Title, Description, Category, Type, Stock (if applicable), Price, Sale Price (if applicable), general attributes (color, size, etc...).
  • Importing your Products spreadsheet into Google.
  • Weekly informal reports.
  • Monthly formal reports and a conference to discuss results and actionable steps.
  • Define negative keywords (keywords you DON'T want your products to be found for).
  • Defining your demographic (country, state / province, ciy, age, sex, etc...)


Add ons to this service:

  • Setting up automatic Product synchronization so your products added to your website and through your POS system are automatically added to your advertising campaign.

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