Company Culture videos are a way of telling your brands story by introducing them to the faces and places of your organization.

They invite visitors to engage and develop brand loyalty.



What's included in this service?

Standard Package:

Ultimately, a minimum 30 second company culture video in 4k resolution (up to 8k upon request) in any common video format, as well as the editable files for the video (upon request).


Complete Package:

Includes all items in Standard Package but with a minimum 60 second video.



  • The cost of actors, specialized props that you request, and cost of locations that require payment are in addition to the package cost.
  • Typically actors are not required for company culture videos as they feature the staff. Locations with a cost are also not commonly required because we shoot in-studio, outdoor (weather permitting) or at your facility.
  • Aerial and drone footage may have an additional cost.


What is the anatomy of a video production project?

  • Pre-Production
    • Involved Staff
      • Director
      • Producer / Administrative Assistant
      • Writer 
    • Brainstorm & Outline - A written outline, which you've had the opportunity to contribute to, revise and approve.
    • Storyboard - A respective storyboard, which you've also had the opportunity to contribute to, review and approve.
    • Script Writing - Writing the script from the outline and storyboard. Sometimes a formal script is not necessary and an outline is sufficient for company culture videos. We reserve the right to use our discretion on this.
    • Administrative
      • Staff & Client Scheduling
        • Travel Scheduling - We will come to your location, and shoot throughout the United States and in select countries. Locations outside of our local area will have associated travel expenses.
      • Equipment Scheduling (if applicable)
      • Prop Acquisition (if applicable)
  • Production
    • Involved Staff
      • Director
      • Producer / Administrative Assistant
      • Sound Engineer
      • Gaffer (Lighting)
    • Travel Time & Expenses
    • Lighting
      • Setup - The process of delivering and setting up all relevant equipment. Electrical cables, lighting, reflectors and diffusers.
      • Metering - Ensuring that the temperature of the lighting is appropriate stylistically, as well as measurably even on subjects throughout the project.
      • Take Down
    • Sound Engineering
      • Setup - Setup is usually minimal for a company culture shoot.
      • Recording Audio - Mics are typically hand held to move with the subject for consistent audio.
      • Sound Deadening or Reflection Setup - The process of setting up various types of foam, rugs, etc... that quite the space to eliminate unwanted sounds like echo or traffic.
    • Stage Setup
      • Background Setup
      • Seating (if applicable)
    • Recording Footage
      • Setup - Setting up tripods, dolly's, tracking systems, etc...
      • Rehearsal
      • Recording
      • Take Down
    • Errands - Little things like maybe we need a longer electrical chord, bigger tarp to protect from weather, etc...
  • Post-Production
    • Involved Staff
      • Director
      • Producer / Administrative Assistant
      • Editor
      • Marketing Director
    • Editing
      • Sound Engineering
        • Audit & Select Audio Clips
        • Processing - Removing unwanted noises in sound clips.
        • Foley - Not always relevant, but this is the process of recording or selecting sound effects.
        • Sound Track Selection & Implementing
        • Narration - If there is narration that is not from the footage itself this is time to record and edit that.
      • Visual Effects
        • Adding on screen text.
        • Choosing and implementing transitions.
        • Color Grading
          • Color correction and enhancements.
          • Lighting correction and enhancements.
        • Special Effects (if applicable)
      • Image Stabilization - Ensuring the footage is visually very stable. Jitters, shakes and unintended movement is minimized or eliminated.
      • Timeline Development - Putting footage into a timeline and trimming it all together with video, audio, music, visual effects and more.
    • Delivery & Syndication - A link to all of the digital assets created and used exclusively for the video.


What equipment is used for the footage?

We have several in-house cameras including the Sony A7 iii - a highly respected camera in both photography and video production circles. Known for excellent and accurate colors and exceptional performance in low light - directly competing with other respected brands including RED and Black Magic. It outperforms the RED in low-light and is, arguably, second in low light only to Black Magic.

When relevant, we can also rent specialized cameras.

We have a range of lenses and lighting equipment from various brands, getting f 1.8 at 35mm-85mm, advanced Meade ETC-09E terrestrial and extra terrestrial automated optical system for incredible footage from long distances and into space. Again, we also rent specialized equipment when necessary.

And our equipment list is growing every quarter.


What does the timeline look like for this service?

On average, we require 4-6 weeks from the point of sale to the delivery and publication. The availability of the actors, locations and props may impact this deadline. Below are some more details of what the process looks like"

  1. 2 hour meeting to brainstorm and create a rough outline of the story.
  2. We will submit a first and, ideally, final draft for the outline for approval.
  3. Once the outline is approved we will create a first draft of the storyboard and submit it for approval.
  4. After that we will schedule filming dates and coordinate with all parties to do so.
  5. When filming dates arrive and footage is collected editing and post production will begin.
  6. The first cut of the edited film will be submitted for review roughly two weeks after post production begins.
  7. Once approved it will be published to the website.

Note: This service is typically highly customized, so the price you see for this service is our base price and we may require additional funding after speaking with you about your needs. If that is the case, you can expect an itemized proposal that explains precisely where the additional costs are coming from.

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