Aerial & drone footage is an emerging technology that can give perspective and character to your videos.

They're also a great way to help potential investors and architectural auditors evaluate job sites or projects.





What's included in this service?

Generally aerial and drone videography is a component in a larger video production project. So we recommend review our other video production services.

  • 5-15 aerial images professionally edited.
  • 1-5 aerial video (30 seconds). With limited editing for hue, color correction, brightness, etc...
  • We will come to your location, and shoot throughout the United States and in select countries. Locations outside of our local area will have associated travel expenses.
  • 4k, 10-Bit footage.
  • A link to all of the digital assets created and used exclusively for the video.



The cost of actors, specialized props that you request, and cost of locations that require payment are in addition to the package cost.

Typically actors are not required for company aerial videos as they feature on-site native people, locations and props. Locations are also are also not commonly required because we shoot on-site of your facilities or at outdoor locations free of charge.


What equipment is used for the footage?

We have several in-house cameras. For aerial footage we generally rely on a the stock camera with our drones DJI Mavic 2 Pro which are equipped with 10-Bit, 1-inch Hassleblad senors.

We also have in house camera's including the Sony Ayiii - a highly respected camera in both photography and video production circles. Known for excellent and accurate colors and exceptional performance in low light - directly competing with other respected brands including RED and Black Magic. It outperforms the RED in low-light and is, arguably, second in low light only to Black Magic.

We have a range of lenses and lighting equipment from various brands, getting f 1.8 at 35mm-85mm, advanced Meade ETC-09E terrestrial and extra terrestrial automated optical system for incredible footage from long distances and into space.

Upon request we also have access to specialized equipment in relevant use cases.


[caption id="attachment_29889" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Our aerial drone team are Certified Drone Pilots under the US Federal Aviation Adminisrtation Our aerial drone team are Certified Drone Pilots under the US Federal Aviation Adminisrtation[/caption]

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