Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is different than Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

SEO describes the one-time to-do's where as SEM refers to the ongoing activities to maintain visibility in search utilities.

This is time allotted to performing a variety of SEO related tasks throughout the website but focusing specifically on landing pages (click here to learn more about Landing Pages).


What is included in this service?

The bulk of the time is spent writing content that utilizes key words we believe your website should be found for.

  • A landing page specific audit following the template for the Preliminary Marketing Strategy.
  • Write respective content for the page utilizing key words and related notes from the Preliminary Marketing Strategy.
  • Propose and implement layout and design level changes that do not require custom programming.
  • Submit the above for review and approval.
  • Publish the work.



If you would like to employ us for this service you must also employ us for the Preliminary Marketing Strategy if you haven't already.

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