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1st page 1st month

1st page results for numerous keywords during his 1st month of SEO services!

The Portland Company, through their site reviews, recommendations and hands on SEO work with my website, helped me to quickly get to page 1 on Google search, without advertising! I’d tried other services with negligible gains and offer my strongest recommendation to work with them and follow their expertise. I’ve known and appreciated the Founder and Principal of The Portland Company, Spencer Hill, for many years. I only wish I had engaged him and his team sooner.

Josh Matthews

Endeavor Staffing

Website Development and SEO Consultation for Josh Matthews

Josh Matthews founded Salesfore Staffing after making a big investment and taking the big risk all entreprenuers do. We knew Josh would succeed with or without us, given his track record of incredible insight and process to locate and deliver quality staff to industries in the niches he served - but we were honored that he turned to us for SEO services. As you can see by his testimonial we advised him on ala-carte SEO options and in partnereship with him and his staff executed those Actionable Steps Towards Measureable Results until - within about 45 days - he was ranking on the 1st page of Google.

Today, Josh's business is flourishing and growing and he continues to benefit from the SEO work and consultations he's employed us for.

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