SFA came to us with an incredible community that wanted more features and functionality to their web application.

Stone Fabricators Alliance Web Application Development

The Stone Fabricators Alliance came to us with a strong online and real-world community that thrived because the SFA provided a forum for stone fabricators across the globe to glean and share knowledge.

But the age of the website took its toll on the modern needs and wants of their community and Board. They came to us by referral from another delighted client expressing a desire to modernize the website and substantially increase the features and functionality.

So we completely replaced the archaic and buggy WordPress website with a cutting-edge Laravel web application that included custom built:

  • Forum - Advanced forums that included the ability for users to create and participate in Polls, vote on threads, moderation features, and more.
  • Forum Direct Messaging with Email Integration - Sometimes the public forums weren't enough so we introduced a direct messaging system that also allowed users to use the website or email to directly communicate with each other.
  • Event Management System - Including the ability to charge for events, set capacity limits, and accept payments through multiple payment processors.
  • Members Directory & Profiles - We significantly boosted their search engine ranked pages and overall rankings by introducing a Member Directory with the ability for members to create search engine indexed profiles to increase the leads and sales of their businesses.
  • Advanced Interactive Tutorial - We developed a highly interactive tutorial that included step-by-step guides and pointers triggered by specific actions taken by users to guide them through how to use key aspects of the website.


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Screenshots of Our Work for Stone Fabricators Alliance Web Application Development