We optimized Ink & Mouse website for local search organically and within just a few weeks she was ranking on top of 1st page results for some of her target keywords.


Page Results within Weeks

I have recommended them over and over to my clients who want to boost their SEO or need website development. When I first met them, I didn't understand the value of SEO for my website. Within weeks, I was at the top of the search engines for my field and my area!

Carrie Postma

Ink & Mouse

SEO for Carrie Postma

Carrie found us in organic search while on the hunt for "SEO companies near me" in an effort to offer her services (graphic design) to agencies like ours. We found her to be extremeyl talented and producing elegant and thoughtful designs so we were happy to employ her on numerous projects. As she learned more about our business she saw an opportunity to utilize our SEO expertise and help her business be found in organic search results. As you can see from her quote below, within her first month she was appearing in first page results, and shortly thereafter at the top of first page results for numerous Target Keywords she wanted to appear for.

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