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Comprehensive Insight to His Purchase

I approached the Portland company because I had a website that wasn't performing well versus most of the competitors. I bought the SEO Audit service and received a lot more value than I was expecting. The report was over 3 pages long in small print. None of it was boilerplate. It was completely filled with specific recommendations for my site. There were comments and recommendations for basically every major page on my site's menu. I had expected more standard SEO type advice, and while I got a lot of advice related to on-site optimization, a big part of the report ended up being about how to increase sales from the visitors that were reaching my site. I'm already beginning to see benefits from the items I implemented after only a few weeks, but there is still quite a bit in the report I haven't gotten around to yet.

Jeff Hunt

Entrepreneur as Website Investor

SEO Services for Jeff Hunt, Website Investor

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Jeff invests in and operates online businesses. He is the author of "The Website Investor: The Guide To Buying An Online Website Business For Passive Income". He is also the author of the beginner guides for Buying and Selling Web Businesses published on Flippa, the world's biggest marketplace for websites.

He's has owned more than 300 income producing websites and earns his living from his online portfolio. His websites receive more than 3 million pageviews per month.

And he is an expert at advertising monetization, having earned hundreds of thousands of dollars from Google Adsense alone.

Before becoming a Shark in the online business market, Jeff was a Project Executive at IBM where he managed 8 and 9 figure outsourcing services deals.

Today Jeff enjoys capitalizing on internet opportunities and helping others to do the same.

Established internet income sources provide the time flexibility for Jeff to teach and coach his colleagues, as well as to invest time in ministry and family. 


Jeff chose The Portland Company to do the search engine optimization consulting and execution for some of his businesses.