Categories: Prayers for Business

You've entrusted me with a great and precious burden; staff. I know I'm privileged to have them, and I feel honored to be entrusted with them by You. Also that they would choose to work for me and with me when they could work for others. Thank you for not dismissing my greed, when it comes up, in it's many forms. I know I can lie to myself, but not to You. Thank you their perceptiveness to confront me when I have been. And their humility to share it in a way that is respectful and loving. And for their grace when I finally admit my evil beliefs and actions to correct my course. Thank you for allowing me the resources to employ people, when I really think about it I remember it's so rewarding. I want to choose to be a righteous employer. By righteous I mean someone who chooses what is right over what is evil. I have seen that when obey You we conquer our goals for our clients and give them the success they deserve. I have also seen how we fail to do that when we don't. I am eager to look back on my day and see the success that came from obeying You by honoring my staff.