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This article documents the key obstacles I faced while trying to set up my local development environment for general Laravel development.


The Context

I'm on Windows 10, with Git installed from and running the latest version of Adobe's Dreamweaver. Which means installing Git and utilizing Dreamweavers Git GUI. I had this installed previously but upgraded my SSD. So I've been through this, but I didn't take notes!


The Problem

When attempting to connect my Project to its Git Repository, I received this error: using ssh key passphrase is not supported

This is because git@ in the URL triggers the warning, because Dreamweaver doesn't support SSH Key Passphrase. Don't know what that means? It doesn't really matter, unfortunately.


The Solution

  1. Open Git Bash.
  2. Type or paste git config --global http.sslVerify false
  3. Submit by pressing Enter / Return.
  4. Use the https version of your Git URL.


I discovered this solution via Atlassian - great company.