Categories: Programming, Bash / Shell

What is screen?

screen is program that allows you to use multiple windows (virtual VT100 terminals) in Unix. In other words, instead of having a bunch of tabs open in Terminal to do different things at the same time you can run the commands below to show and hide them.


1. How to use screen?

  1. Open Terminal.
  2. Execute screen
  3. Enter your command of choice as you normally would. Ex. geth


2. How do I exit a screen session without terminating it?

Press ctrl+a then ctrl+d


3. How do I see all of my screen sessions?

Execute screen -ls


4. How do I re-enter a screen session?

Execute `screen -S exampleName`


5. How do I stop a screen session?

Execute screen -X -S [session number you want to kill] quit