Aaaand we're back.

If you saw or read my previous two articles, those were related to project #2. This article, however, is related to project #3.


The Problem

I created the site and successfully worked on it on my Linux Ubuntu machine. I successfully deployed my work from development to staging went to bed. And then worked on it the next day. Attempted to publish my changes to staging and suddenly began getting an SSH error stating I couldn't connect.

I confirmed I didn't modify my SSH keys locally because I can login to every other server I've ever logged into before. So that tells me the SSH keys on the server or accepted hosts somehow got modified. I have no idea how that happened.


The Solution

Now, once I switched to my iMac running MacOS Sierra 10.12.6, cloned the site, and ran vagrant up I got the error in the Gist above.

Another new error. Another surprise error. If it weren't for all the benefits of Roots I would absolutely hate this application and consider it more trouble than it's worth. But the fact is Roots solves a lot of serious problems with WordPress.

So... this error - and it's respective warnings, indicate there is a Plugin version that is incompatible. But I don't know if that's referring to a WordPress Plugin, or something else like Vagrant or Ansible.

So I started by checking my site/composer.json file for any Plugins listed there that might have the * where the version number should be. I thought this because I like to use that because I don't run composer update very often and when I do it's usually okay for Plugins to update because I'm available to check them. I did so, and I found several that specified the * and one line that was for a Premium Plugin owned by a third party that I had added in there. So I removed that, and modified those to have a version number and re-run. No success.

In the end, I just gave up and delete the whole project and started over. Thankfully, with my database in tact.