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Backstory (if you don't care, skip ahead)

To hire staff, I have historically relied on Craigslist and (Formerly For myself, as a former freelance developer, I tried to find work on but found that the audience was primarily seeking low-wage workers (as was I when I was an employer) so it proved fruitless for an American seeking a fair-market wage. I knew that there were some out there seeking to hire people like myself, and willing to pay my rates, but failed to provide the tools for users to do that.

Then I discovered which shared tons of statistics and tools that would help you find great staff and great projects. I used it as an employer a couple of years ago and had a pretty good experience but stopped after a week or two after finding my ideal staff somewhere else. So I don't have a lot of feedback on the employer side of things in this article.

But recently, I decided to create a profile for myself and see what type of work I could attract, or find, at a mid-level American wage in my market. I purchased the Professional Member account, and took a variety of exams, and right when I got my first offer I began having a terrible experience, so bad that it instilled doubt in the entire system.

This article was born from that, particularly, to help others learn whether or not you can solve these problems, and to get the attention of support.


The Bugs

  1. Can't Accept Offer - I was offered a contract from ******* but when I attempt to accept the offer I get the following error "An error has occurred. Sorry, project offer not found. Please refresh the page and try again." - It's been this way for a week and the person has confirmed the project still exists and is still offered to me.
  2. Broken Filtering - When Browsing, Projects are showing up in currencies beside my own. So I have no idea whether or not it's within my price range. Furthermore, when I Filter results to be within a certain price range they still show projects well outside that price range.
  3. To-Do Lists Not Working - When I mark items in the To-Do list as completed, they reappear later.
  4. Polls Not Working - I answered your poll, but it continues to ask me the same question.
  5. Jobs Near You Not Working - The one job appearing there won't go away even though it's an expired listing.
  6. Profile Progress - My profile progress is 100%, but it won't hide the progress bar or related text. It seems like a bug. If my profile is complete why do I need to see the progress bar and related text anymore?
  7. Update as of 1/20/17 - Duplicates in the News Feed - I am seeing duplicates in my "News Feed". For example: "Have a question for an expert freelancer?" appears like 10 times in my feed and they all appear to be exactly the same.


UI / UX Problems

These ones are exactly bugs, but they're annoyances with the system.

  1. Customizing the News Feed - You can't customize the News Feed, so I'm getting stuff like "X new articles published on Freelancer Community". I don't know what that is, I don't know why I should care about reading them, and it just clutters my News Feed. To me, as someone seeking work, I don't want to see anything that doesn't help me find work today.
  2. Clearing News Feed Items - It allows you to "Hide" items, but I want to "Mark as Read" or "Clear" them so they disappear permanently.


Sponsored Profile

Update: I paid $50 for a "Promoted Profile" and immediately noticed it uses my username instead of my display name. This is stupid. I want employers to recognize me by my actual name.



Okay, so I have complained about the problems. But what am I doing about it? Well, I took to support and Twitter. Within an hour I got a reply and spent another hour with them and got promises they'll address the Bugs in the immediate future and follow up with me. We'll see!