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If you found this article you're probably experiencing some form of video card issues with your Razer Blade laptop. I'm sorry. It sucks.


Hopefully you're not experiencing the issue I am. But if you are, then here is a detailed report of what's happening, what I've done to try and fix it, and what things have helped a little.


My specs:

  • Razer Blade 2014
  • NVidia GeForce GTX 860m
  • Intel HD Graphics 4600
  • Intel Wireless Bluetooth + HS Adapter
  • 256Gb SSD
  • Intel Dual Band Wireless AC 7260


Firstly, here are the issues I'm experiencing:

  • The computer shuts off before it's out of battery and without warning.
  • Recently, when attempting to enter Full Screen Mode in Ark: Survival Evolved game I get a black screen.
  • My power adapter, twice, has gone out in the 2< years I've had this computer.
  • My computer was shutting off randomly, turned out to be a bad NVidia card, which is soldered onto the motherboard, so I had to send it to Razer for two weeks to get it repaired (under warranty). This same thing is occurring now as well, but they refuse to warranty it (absolute BS excuse from them about it too - I've lost all faith in their hardware quality and their warranty, I really expected Apple-level warranty but they're just like any other garbage PC manufacturer in that area).
  • Other games will randomly crash and be followed up with some variation of an NVida Driver crash error. Trying to get support from NVidia was like pulling teeth and ultimately fruitless. They referred me back to the computer manufacturer.


Here's what has helped:

  • The random crashing was reduced to like 1% of how often it used to once I bought a new power adapter. When it brought the first time I bought a non-OEM one that seemed to work, but it never occurred to me it could be causing the random crashing. It was. Interestingly though it didn't eliminate the issue completely.
  • Keeping a log of issues helped me work out a few that were specific to a game and just needed me to adjust a setting that was overheating the CPU or GPU.
  • Switching games, like Beyond Earth to us the Intel HD GPU resolved the crashing issues completely - obviously at the sacrifice of the quality - which is the whole friggin point of buying a gaming computer.

NVidia is definitely at the heart of the issue. I couldn't find many other people experiencing these issues for the same reason, so I admit that it appears to be a fluke issue. So if I buy another Razer laptop it'll definitely be with a 3 year warranty - begrudgingly though.


If you have experienced similar issue please post a comment here stating your computer specs and I'll see if I can help!