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There are a lot of successful people in business, and a handful of business leaders that are really great, and I get a lot of my inspiration and accountability from these guys. So I follow them in the news, their websites, etc...  

Kiel Harvey, Mentally Tough Business Pro

Business Operations and Marketing Consultant

Kiel Harvey is one of them. I've known the guy for over ten years and seen him rapidly out pace me in a variety of ways in business. This is the kind of guy who meets with an executive and persuades him to create a position for himself to further their business. The kind of guy who knows how to use a shovel, but is great with a tractor. He just gets things done.   All that to say, he wrote a really great article about the necessity of failure in business and how successful business people deal with it on a website called Mentally Tough Business Professional. In my experience he is not only spot on, but really encouraging. I was lucky enough to have him and other leaders there to advise me through my failures but if you're young in business, or struggling, you should really read and consider this article.