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This post is the result of numerous tests and experiments and ultimately combing one of the answers, by @WladamirPalant, on this StackExchange thread and a reply made by @userM1433372.  


  • Download BetterTouchTool
  • Drag it into your Applications folder and then double click the Application to start it.
  • Select "Other" from the right side of the horizontal menu that is in black.
  • Select "Global" from the left navigation.
  • Select "Configure New Trigger" from the bottom of the window, slightly right.
  • In the same area select "Left Click Green Window Button" from the Triggers menu.
  • Also in the same area; select "Maximize" from the Predefined Actions menu.


For whatever reason, this does not apply to Chrome. So to get it working in Chrome:
  • Click the "+" symbol.
  • Locate and select Chrome.
  • Follow the instructions above.