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First off, I really appreciate the excellent customer service - and the free product - provided by the staff at CodeAnywhere. Despite it's few failings it really is an amazing application and I'm grateful for everything they've done.

I've reported all of these concerns to CodeAnywhere and received swift and timely responses from them each time explaining that they either confirmed the bug and will address the issue or will at least consider my concerns. They advised me to follow their blog for updates, but unfortunately their website doesn't provide an RSS feed to actually follow them with so that's less than ideal.

That being said, I've written this article to take note of the issues I'm experiencing, as a WordPress website developer experienced in developing custom Themes & Plugins, that provoke me - and sometimes force me - to go back to a local IDE.



  • Their website doesn't have a category devoted to their changelog so there is no way to subscribe to their blog for just those updates. I confirmed this with their staff.
  • In Windows (at least); no settings are saved on exit. Ex. shortcut keys, size of sidebar, etc... This is extremely frustrating. To the point that I am looking for an alternative platform that is more mature.
  • In Windows (at least); when you have the file browser open the dividing line is not easy to resize. It seems the grab width is only 1px.
  • In Windows (at least); it's not possible to drag and select multiple files or select everything in between two files by using Ctrl / Cmd.