Note: For official information on what Call Tracking is please refer to this information by our preferred call tracking system »


What is call tracking?

Call Tracking can include tracking whether or not someone clicks your telephone number on your ad or website, recording the phone call (optionally) itself, tracking whether or not a call was placed but without actually touching or clicking the phone number on your ad or website, and more.


How do we use it to make you money?

When we track a call, we also track what source is came from (Ex. paid search marketing, social media marketing, organic search engine marketing, etc...) allowing us to tell you how effective that source is at driving traffic.

When we track additional information about that call, such as "Was is a lead?" and "If so, what was it's dollar value?" then we can put all this information into a single report that helps you, and us, swiftly make key decisions about how to optimize and maintain your marketing.


What is included in this package?

  • Implementing call tracking code into your website and ads (up to one ad for our base package price).
  • Setup Google Analytics Goal Tracking to report on performance.


Who should use call tracking?

The cases where call tracking is irrelevant, or at least not necessary, are very far and few between. Generally, we recommend this service for everyone.