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"The shoe shiners own shoes are last to be shined!"

And so, too, with web development and SEO companies; they're usually their worst client! Optimizing a website for an SEO company is like trying to sell a used car salesman his own car: it doesn't get much harder. If you think about it, the SEO company is competing for the single most competitive term(s) possible against the absolute best competitors! Because of this, it takes quiet a bit more investment to get ranked on search engines. But when you have become one of the best Portland SEO companies and are gaining corporate clients like the Woodburn Company Stores you've simply got to make the investment to reach the top of search rankings for phrases like top seo companies or you'll miss out on the next phase of growth. Hopefully, if you're reading this, you found us by searching those very phrases. And if that's the case, you're probably in need of an SEO Audit. So contact us and we'll follow up with you ASAP to help boost your site to the top of the ranks!