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In our previous article we mentioned that we've gained Paradise Vacations, a Gulf Coast vacation rentals company, and this key phrase is proving to be a challenging term to optimize for! It's been over 30 days and we've seen little improvement. This is highly unusual for as as we typically see our clients boost to the front page with the first few days. That being said, I took a look at the recent changes we made to the site and discovered we made a classic error! We optimized the URL's for each page to include the key phrase they're targeting. But we failed to inform Google of this change. As a result, Google penalized the site because it could no longer find the content that resided at the former URL's. This is definitely one of the most devastating mistakes you can make on a project and it's difficult to recover from. But that's why we're one of the best Portland SEO companies: we know how to fix it. Only 24 hours after we discovered the mistake we've already reversed the effect and continued improving the rankings! By the way, if you've not visited the Gulf Coast you should absolutely plan to visit some of the Gulf Coast vacation rentals Paradise Vacations has to offer! They have a variety of videos on their site which you can review. And if you have a website needing optimization, you should checkout our SEO packages because we strive to be the best Portland SEO company out there!