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We've adopted another new client to prove we're one of the best SEO company's out there: Paradise Vacations.

This time we've been asked to optimize them for Gulf Coast Vacation Rentals so that they can burst their way into the global searches for that market. I'd love the chance to visit their locations in the near future, but for now all I can share are some photo's and videos. However, the videos were paid for and produced by Google for use on some of their marketing materials advertising the Google Business Listings (Maps) service. Kelli Wulf Stewart, owner of Paradise Vacations, has five rental properties that each have a unique twist to their style. I don't think you would get bored between the variety of locations and scenery inside and out. This time around we're integrating their website with a CDN, optimizing the code for improved page load times and rethinking the layout and navigation apart from the original design. Something that's interesting about the vacation rental industry is how they rely heavily on referrals and review systems like FlipKey,