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I remember when Facebook was first opened to the public. I couldn't fathom what Facebook could offer that MySpace didn't already. The same was true when I heard about Google+, some time ago, while I basked in the simplicity and usefulness of Facebook. Since then, I've been analyzing the differences, first hand, between the two platforms so I could make an informed decision as to whether or not I should abandon Facebook for Google+. This article documents the results of that investigation. But before I begin; I want readers to presume that the federal government will probably institute privacy laws that will require Google to restructure some of how their applications integrate with each other. While I appreciate the convenience I also share the concerns related to privacy.  

Now, to begin...

The only functional benefit I see with Google+, thus far, is "Circles". Which appear to be an effective way to filter your life among the various relationships you have in real life. But it's not Circles that lead me to believe Google+ will rise as the victor in the social sector. You see, Facebook requires it's users to populate their account with information about themselves. Whereas Google gathers information about you through your daily activities such as searches you perform, email conversations, voicemails and more. Again, this is where privacy concerns are going to challenge Google's implementation strategies, but for now it's quiet convenient and your information is still as secure as your online banking information is (as I understand). The second, and most critical yet subtle, weapon Google has in their defense; is that they provide many open source (free but professional grade) tools to business professionals. And it's these users that will fight to keep Google alive because their livelihood depends on it! Facebook... is just social. So, if you're not ready to switch to Google+ because most of your friends, family and associates haven't. No problem. Facebook is still an incredible social utility that is positively shaping and developing the internet and our current culture. But Google+ seems to have so much more to offer in the long run regardless of Facebook's failure or success. PS Can you +1 this? Thanks. :P